The Royal Families of Anglenburgh

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The Royal Families of Anglenburgh Empty The Royal Families of Anglenburgh

Post  Anglenburgh on Fri Mar 25, 2011 10:38 pm

The Queendom of Anglenburgh:
--Queen Catherine (IV) the Benevolent
-King Herald (III)
~Lady Alexandria
~Lord Scott

The Commonwealth of New Anglenburgh:
--Archduchess Isabelle (III) the Appeaser
-Archduke Charles
~Lady Ann
~Lord Stephan

The Matriarchy of Alyce-Saos:
--Archduchess Samantha the Wicked
-Archduke Sigmund
~Lady Patricia
~Lord Daniel

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The Royal Families of Anglenburgh Empty Cool Egg Sandwich "Royalty"

Post  Cool Egg Sandwich on Fri Mar 25, 2011 10:53 pm

Our nation has no royal family per se; our citizenry are born of equal status under law, and have been since the inception of our nation. We have never had a royal ruling class, nor family, in our national history, therefore a royal family is a 'foreign' concept to us.

While we do not have a "royal" family, there are enclaves of influential businessmen that serve as near-nobility in our nation. These business families [similarly to the Koch brothers] use their vast fortunes to exploit our political system to expand their economic empires, thereby gaining an increasing status in the nation.

Certain 'influential' individuals of Cool Egg Sandwich:

Freddy Johannesburg - CEO of JHB Petroleum
Bruce Stefanopolis - CEO of MicroTech Industries
Jeremy Huxley - CEO of Huxley & Huxley Textiles

There are certainly many more individuals and corporations that have political and cultural influence within Cool Egg Sandwich; however, the aforementioned individuals are the most powerful in 'The Sandwich'.

~The Little Green Ghouls of Cool Egg Sandwich alien
(WA Delegate / Premier)

~Teh Dirty South Boss geek
Cool Egg Sandwich
Cool Egg Sandwich

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