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Post  Anglenburgh on Wed Mar 23, 2011 4:43 pm

The Department of Immigration and Naturalization is in need of Official Monitors!
--Please refrain from posting on this thread.

In order to be an OM you must:
-Be a citizen of The Dirty South
-Be a member of the Forum
-Regularly log into NaitonStates and the Forum

Your application must include, but may not be limited to the following information:
-The official name of your nation if it is different from your Forum Username
-A link to your nation on NationStates
-The amount of time you usually spend on NationStates (approx.)
-A description of what types of nations you think should be removed from the forum/region
--How you think this should be done (a brief idea of the steps you would take)

Your application should include, but is not required, your responses to following personality assessment:
Scenario A: A nation that has been very helpful to the region and it's community, either on an individual or grouped scale or both, but they have (without previously addressed reasons) dropped off the radar. Their nation is near ceasing to exist and they have not been on the Forum for weeks. What should be done?

Scenario B: There is a fairly new nation that has joined, they are very active on the Role Playing side of the spectrum but virtually nowhere else. Occasionally they "troll" the forums and it's relevant debates, but offers no real input. What should be done?

Scenario C: Accusations of treason/corruption begin to be expressed about your superiors, either publicly or privately, they offer no real evidence but you too have suspected something was dirty about your technical "boss." What do you do?

Scenario D: You get word from a random nation saying that they have gotten news about an enemy Region supposedly planning a raid on an allied Region. What do you do?

You may either send me a PM on the Forum or a TG on NationStates with your application. Once I have reviewed it I will send you my response as well as my definition of what an Official Monitor should do and the steps that should be taken if removal/ejection of a nation be required.

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