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Post  Cool Egg Sandwich on Tue Feb 01, 2011 6:06 pm

Now that you know a bit about the region, and have a better feel for how we do things around here, let's get started!
If you are wondering what you should do to get started in NationStates or just in the region, this should help out a bit.

1) Join the World Assembly (if you can), you must have a valid e-mail address

2) Visit the General Assembly / Security Council Forums on this website

3) Get involved with the debates, and VOTE to determine the WA Delegate's vote

4) Endorse your WA Delegate to increase our regional power in the World Assembly

5) Endorse your fellow Dirty South WA member nations

6) Remain active on the forums, keep up to date on the World Assembly Resolutions

7) Speak your mind while respecting the opinions of others
Cool Have a Great Time!!!

The Little Green Ghouls of Cool Egg Sandwich, WA Delegate
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