Rules and Regulations of The General Assembly

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Rules and Regulations of The General Assembly

Post  Serenel on Mon Mar 21, 2011 12:33 am

The Rules and Regulations of the General Assembly are the policy of the incumbent Speaker of the General Assembly, as such they are subject to change at any time, and may be changed by different Speakers.

Rules and Regulations of the General Assembly:


The Consent of the General Assembly shall take place in this process:

1. When the Premier attempts to gain the consent of the General Assembly for one of his appointees s/he or a nation on their behalf shall make a post in the Premiers Press Release forum.

2. The Speaker will then be bound to open a thread on the floor where the candidate can be questioned, and the Assembly can debate amongst themselves.

3. The questioning phase shall last for a period extending no longer then 5 days. However at anytime, if the Speaker feels it is appropriate they can start the voting process.

4. After the discussion and debate period, the Speaker shall open a poll that shall last for a period of three days. The poll shall be a simple Aye or Nay procedure, where a majority of Aye is required for the General Assembly to have officially given its consent.

This process is the same for a treaty or any other formal recognized relationship between the Dirty South and another Region.


All Civilians and Foreign Dignitaries shall be allowed to see and read the debate and discussion of the General Assembly, and any other affiliated forum. However Civilians and Foreign Dignitaries shall only be allowed to post in ‘The Lobby’ Of the General Assembly.

As apart of the spirit of transparancy, the Electorial Committee shall also be visible on the main page in a hope that more people will take part in elections.


It is expected and demanded that in the General Assembly every Assembly Member shall show their peers the highest level of respect and good will. We are all in this together, and while it is good to debate because that can foster understanding, and a good discourse. It is expected that any debate shall remain civil, and that it is okay if we disagree with one another, but we are all in this together, and it is only together that this region shall flourish.

If it is found that a Nation is not showing one of its peers with the courtesy and respect that peer deserves then said Nation shall be warned, and on their second offense shall be asked to leave the halls of the Assembly and shall not be allowed to return for the rest of that day. If a third offense occurs the Nation shall be asked to leave and not allowed to come back for three full days. If subsequent offenses occur the Nation shall be taken to the Supreme Court.

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